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Why Israel is Definitely a Taurus

No bull. She really is!

Stubborn AF, check.

Reliable AF, check check.

Like every human within her, Israel is quite a multi-layered beast. She's tough, sensitive, and mysterious. On April 19, Israel celebrates her 70th birthday. The entire country, the Jewish people and basically everyone should be celebrating her independence and existence. Let the blue and white, and beer and BBQs flow free!

But some people do not recognize Israel as a blessing, and may not understand why we celebrate so. It's to wonder to many why Israel, such a small little corner in the East of the Middle, gets such fierce attention worldwide.

So many people ask about what it’s like living in Israel, and it’s impossible to explain.

Until you’ve seen her, heard her, felt her, tasted her, experienced her for yourself, you will never be able to understand her complexities. Once you step foot inside her, you get to peek into her real world - not the world you think you know and certainly not what you see on your screens - but a sacred, powerful and extraordinary world you get to journey through for yourself.

Despite being 70 years old, Israel is as alive as ever. She’s vibrant, she’s thriving, and there’s nowhere else in the world like her.

As my own birthday approaches alongside Israel's, I started thinking about what it means to be a Taurus. If our star signs can help us better understand and guide who we are and why we do what we do, then maybe it relates to Israel too. And of course it does! Israel is SUCH a Taurus, with her own personality to learn about and live through.

Here are a few traits which may help us all better understand the inner world of Israel, the Taurus.

1. She’s independent.

Israel knows what she wants and when she wants it - and she has no problem asking for it, in her soft yet firm, and respectful way. Sometimes she struggles with her own strength and power, especially due to her size. She is steadily working to find her balance between freedom and responsibility.

She accepts that the world might be against her sometimes, and understands that she needs to depend on herself at the end of the day. She's learning how to claim her own power, stand up for herself, and that’s what makes her such a strong, independent country.

2. She’s generous.

Israel is always ready to lend a helping hand, true tikkun olam, which means repairing the world. When a flood spreads, a disease breaks, or an earthquake rumbles, Israel is always one of the first on the scene, rushing to help with her humanitarian heart and magnificent medical aid. She values every human life - and will do whatever she can to save them - even her unyielding enemies.

3. She is loyal.

Israel doesn’t play games - she keeps it REAL. If she doesn’t respect you, you’ll know, and if you are one of the few who she feels loyal to, you’re golden for good.

She might be a bit loyal to a fault - read: overprotective. However, with all the trauma and pain she’s suffered - and still does - there is no surprise that she simply wants to protect the ones she loves from harm. Like a mama lion protecting her herd, fierce AF. Who wouldn’t do the same?

4. She’s practical.

While her spirituality is always present, she is certainly one practical mama. She’s always the voice of reason and sees the world in a very rational and realistic perspective. She is wise beyond her years; mostly because of her past, her experiences, her curiosity, her willingness to learn and her big picture thinking.

5. She loves tradition.

Loves might be an understatement. Since her childhood, Israel has been steeped in ancient tradition, and she has the utmost respect for it. Perhaps this is why it’s so hard for her to break out of her traditional mold - as keeping these customs also helps her hold on to the humble history from which she was created.

6. She’s creative.

Creativity, LIKE WHOA. From music to dance to art to theater to the windows to the wall, Israel breathes her creative culture in every which way. Her passionate mindset paints on the same canvas even in the professional world with her consistent innovations and advancements in fields across the board,

With her open mind and open heart, she’s fearless when it comes to creation, fun and inspiration. Not only that, she allows for eccentric expression, which elevates her authenticity and positive spirit in every way.

7. She’s reliable.

If she says she’s going to do something, you can bet your bottom dollar she will. Whether it’s offering city-wide WIFI or building a Tel Aviv light train, whether it’s saving the hearts of refugee children, marching for its right to live, or honoring the fallen soldiers daily. Israel always comes through.

8. She’s stable.

Israel may not always seem so stable from the outside, but she’s set herself up pretty securely. She’s turned dry desert into flourishing fields, created thousands of innovative technologies and solutions to improve daily life, and is leading every effort when it comes to medicine, technology, education, environment, sustainability, and more. Israel is here and she’s not going anywhere. She’s steady and determined to create a better world, l'chaim l'chaim to life!

9. She’s ambitious.

The reason Israel is such a powerhouse? Because she thinks outside the box and she's always moving forward. Failure doesn't exist in her world - just lessons. She doesn't for one minute believe she can't do something - her default is to simply find another way.

That’s likely why Israel has the most entrepreneurial startups per capita and is highly regarded as the Startup Nation. Ambition, creation, and finding solutions - it’s all bred into her DNA. In fact, she’s basically solved the world’s water shortage problem thanks to her conservation and recycling tactics. Your welcome world.

10. She’s easy-going.

Israel knows how to loosen up, celebrate life and have fun. She finds the joy in everything and understands how to prioritize what is truly important in life. First comes family, then comes falafel, then comes everything else. She splendors in the simple things and lives with an anything goes attitude - from the rollerskating Haredi Rabbi to the largest gay capital of the world, Israel creates a wide spectrum of life to accept it all.

The bottom line is this - Israel is so much more than what you see and hear on the news. She has so many layers embedded deeply inside of her - her culture, her history, her customs, and her humans.

Israel is more than her leaders, her politics and her religion. Israel is more than the past - she is the present of our future.

She’s not black and white - and neither are any of the circumstances and traumas which rest within her. Her Taurus-like traits are just the tip of the Israeli iceberg.

Israel is a growing and giving soul - just like all of us - trying to create the best life for herself and for her people the best way she knows how.

Happy Birthday darling Israel, and thank you, for being.

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