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99 Reasons Why Women are Winning at Life

We had to stop ourselves at's why we think women are WINNING at life!

  1. We live longer.

  2. We have true blue best friends.

  3. We are emotionally intelligent.

  4. We can have multiple orgasms.

  5. Our bodies are soft, and our minds are sharp.

  6. When we feel happy, the world is happy.

  7. We control all the consensual sex in the world.

  8. We bleed for days and are still fully functional human beings.

  9. If a boat is sinking, we’ll be rescued first.

  10. Our voices are really loud together. They are being heard and they matter now more than ever.

  1. Because yoga pants.

  2. We can choose to be 4 inches taller if we want to.

  3. We never have problems getting into bars or clubs.

  4. Boobies IE built-in distraction for any man.

  5. We can get rid of unwanted body hair without screaming like a baby.

  6. We don't have any body parts which randomly stand up at full attention.

  7. We grow people and create life.

  8. We can wear breezy skirts and stay breezy down there.

  9. We get to decorate our face with makeup if we want to.

  10. We're natural born leaders.

  1. We are the most intelligent and inspiring species on Earth.

  2. We get to be the little spoon most of the time.

  3. Some might call it bitchy; we call it BOLD.

  4. We lead by example.

  5. We make the important financial household decisions.

  6. We are sensitive, emotional creatures and that is cool AF.

  7. We speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

  8. Men would die without us.

  9. We are capable of admitting vulnerabilities and weaknesses - and that makes us strong.

  10. The busier we are, the more we can do.

  1. Our bodies are beautiful - in the way they curve and the way they work.

  2. Our bodies physiologically sync up with one another when we hang out a lot. (?!!)

  3. Our bodies run on the same cycles as the moon. (We both have 13 cycles per year)

  4. Everyone just expects us to pee in groups now.

  5. We can sprout our own family if we choose to.

  6. We can get out of almost anything by mentioning menstruation. Period power!!

  7. We don't have stress balls dangling in between our legs.

  8. We can spend hours on our hair without being questioned about our sexuality.

  9. We are never described as 'creepy.'

  10. We get wiser with age.

  1. Our feminine advantage is powerful once we realize how to gain control of it.

  2. When we gather in groups, we’re actually raising the vibe of the world.

  3. We have high tolerance for pain, and bullshit.

  4. We get to sit down when we pee, or we get a nice leg workout.

  5. We naturally smell good.

  6. We get better grades in college.

  7. We manage stress like a boss.

  8. We look to our mothers as role models, and it’s not because they’re still doing our laundry.

  9. Our intuition is incredible, so long as we choose to listen to it.

  10. We get to play dress up every day if we want to.

  1. We are (such) better communicators.

  2. Because Oprah.

  3. The more we rise up and speak up, the more power we gain.

  4. We like feeling healthy and so we take better care of our health.

  5. Over a million of us marched worldwide in sisterhood and solidarity.

  6. We’re not going anywhere, and we’re only getting stronger.

  7. We are not controlled by our egos.

  8. We reach our sexual peak just when it's getting good.

  9. We're great negotiators. Yes we are, yes we are, yes we are.

  10. We can always get people to lift heavy shit for us.

  1. We likely have a 6th, 7th and 8th sense.

  2. Because our hips don’t lie.

  3. We're more organically wholesome than farm-to-table meals.

  4. We lead in all roles related in boardrooms, businesses, babies, and bedrooms ;)

  5. We don’t need anyone else to pleasure us.

  6. We're inherently kind.

  7. We are f*cking hysterical.

  8. We have better immune systems.

  9. We can, and do, burst into Disney song whenever we want.

  10. We create deep and meaningful connections with others.

  1. We’re more likely to care for those who cared for us - our parents. 36% of women take care of their older parents compared to 16% of sons.

  2. Female doctors are more likely to keep you alive.

  3. When women mediate conflicts, there is more likelihood of reaching peaceful resolution.

  4. We're always willing to compromise, learn and get to know our true selves.

  5. Our great grandmothers fought for where we are today - and today we continue the fight for our great granddaughters.

  6. Spontaneous dance parties are a thing.

  7. Our words are a source of healing - to our self and to others.

  8. Free shots.

  9. Competition no more; it's all about collaboration.

  10. Men’s employment is getting weaker, while women's is getting stronger.

  1. We are the miracle of life.

  2. Our bodies are capable of creating food for our young.

  3. No matter what, we always have the LBD.

  4. We have boosted the current economy thanks to our ambition, intelligence and entrepreneurial capabilities.

  5. When we believe in ourselves, everyone else believes in us too.

  6. We know how to ask for help.

  7. We're super complex creatures, and we’re okay with it.

  8. We make things pretty.

  9. We’re great listeners.

  10. We adapt amazingly well to new situations.

  1. We really do run the world.

  2. Basically, everyone is scared of us.

  3. Our sisterhood is blooming brilliantly.

  4. We have each other.

  5. We are survivors.

  6. The whole world, ie Mother Earth, is a woman.

  7. We’re basically the 8th Wonder of the World.

  8. Because we started from the bottom, and now we here.

  9. Because behind every great woman, is herself. And a circle of sisters who support her hard.


Stronger together. We got you sisters. Share with your women who need a WIN!! Happy International Women’s Day! For more shine, join our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, or read about Why Gratitude is the New Black :)

And don’t forget to Celebrate Yoself <3

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