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How to Awaken your Sensuality

Every time I write or talk about a topic, I like to invite people to reveal the

unconscious or hidden meanings behind those topics.

In this case, I invite you to ask yourself - what is sensuality for you?

Maybe some sexy lingerie, or a beautiful woman comes to mind. Maybe a certain perfume, or even a hunting tigress attitude. Just close your eyes and discover the images that come to you when you think about sensuality. Feathers and candles anyone?

The thing is, every time I ask this question, women answer with things that are related to an external factor or element. We forget about the main source of our sensuality: our own body and its senses.

We forget about the amazing power that we have in our skin, our touch, and lying in the rest of our senses.

We forget that our body is THE NUMBER ONE source of pleasure and joy!

And I’m not just talking about sexual pleasure. I’m talking about how you can “make love with your life” and enjoy every single minute of the experience.

Sensuality - Pleasure - Joy work together as a team to make you feel fulfilled and alive.

By connecting with your own feminine body (and with all the mysteries and miracles that it holds within), you will not just awaken your sensuality, but also become more joyful, light, and authentically empowered.

How To Awaken

Pleasure and joy work in slow motion and so does sensuality. If you give yourself the time and space to explore your body, you will be in the center of Sensuality Land!

Slow - Aware - Flowing - Present.

By giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy all the tastes in your mouth or feel all the textures around you, you are allowing yourself to bring your focus and attention to that specific moment and experience, and that will awaken your sensuality. Awaken your ability to feel! Awaken your ability to “become one” with that experience.

Do you have an other way of awakening your sensuality?

I would love to hear what you have to say!


Catalina Dash

As a Psychologist & Coach, Catalina Dash helps women awaken their authentic feminine power and create the delightful life they want and deserve. Feel free to check out to get updates and stay connected with her!

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