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Inhale the Trust, Exhale the Doubt

wake up / eyes bright / open to light

alone yet strong / good kind of fright

what shall i do today my dear

kick ass / feel joy / embrace the fear

sometimes it's okay just to be

halt all pursuits / feel fucking free

splendor in peace / journey to joy

connect with body / most worthy toy

body supports dear mind & heart

aligning all / an abstract art

walk towards the line / deep into self

detours okay / good for your health

wide ideas / new sets of eyes

no right no wrong / expect surprise

connect with joy / that is the key

then share that joy / set that shit free

and so today / intention set

find joy in all / no time to fret

now lighten up / inside and out

inhale the trust / exhale the doubt

recent shine
words are key
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