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Leadership is Less Show and More Soul

A good leader does not necessarily do great things, but motivates others to do them. A leader is a person who has a flexible mind, is easily adaptable, is an inspiration to others and makes them believe in themselves.

When I started my last project, I didn't think about how many people were going to follow me or if I was going to become a role model. I started because I thought I had something to give to the world without boundaries or expectations.

I am a person with a strong character, stubborn at times (or most of the time) and passionate. I do not think of myself as a leader, but as a guide. To me, the word leader brings up both positive and negative connotations in our minds, whereas a guide is perceived by the mind as someone trusty and rousing.

I became a yoga teacher by sharing my philosophy, and I became capable of guiding people to find a more joyful life. After a few months, I realized that what I was doing actually mattered to other people who were grateful, inspired, and wanted more. I didn't mind if it was one or a one hundred fans. To me, the fact that I could help and inspire people was the most important.

When I think about my own role model, there is not just one person who inspires me. On the contrary, anyone can be a driving force, from the first yoga teacher I ever met to my guru, from the stranger in the street to my students and followers. If we are humble enough, or we work on it, we will see that anyone can teach and inspire us. Currently, I observe figures like Kino Mcgregor and Mark Roberds, who are both inspirational and deep.

As a public figure, everything from satisfaction and compliments to critique and harsh comments come in. You are exposed. Although being vulnerable allows you to grow, it also makes you more aware and mindful. That kind of reality brings hope to the people so they can see you and feel that you are reachable.

This hope helps me develop as a Yogi, and it is easy to see in the social media when people support and send messages saying things like: “my life has changed thanks to you”, “I am so thankful because I can't afford the time or the money to go to a class but I feel I am part of yours, behind the screen.”

Furthermore, the other day the owner of a studio told me: the students instead of saying “I am going to Yoga” say: “I am going to Nitas'”. This is priceless, this is more than I could have imagined, it just makes all my effort, energy and time worth it.

Every single day, is the only day. The present is the only thing that really matters. And every morning I have a mantra: Love yoga (#amayoga). For me this means to always be real, to love myself, and be my soul.

That's my purpose in life: To love and be loved. I imagine it as the action of letting go the fake masks and the heavy weight we carry on our backs, while letting in who we are.

However it is not enough to say it, nor to write or read about it, there is no magic. Your potential is unlimited, is your turn to transform your knowledge into actions.

Dare to do things you think you are not ready to do yet because you may not be ready unless you try. Don't be afraid to fall, to make mistakes, you will get up again and you will learn from them. There isn't one way to get up and feel ready, there is Your way.

Choose your tools and build your own life, your own path, your own destiny.

Sometimes it is beneficial to have a “leader”, a guide, someone to learn from, to get inspired.

But sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and you will see who the Leader is: Yourself.


Nita Miralles

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