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How A Change In Attitude Will Change Your Health

Taking care of yourself doesn't need to cost much - because it's all about attitude. I am a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Bach Flower, Guided Meditation, and I work with clients who deal with a variety of stress everyday - like every single one of us.

First though, I am human - as imperfect as they come and I love myself like no one could ever imagine because of it.

I chose to focus my life on health, mindfulness and stress management because I myself tend to fuzz around plenty, and I've lived through very stressful situations that could have easily destroyed my psyche and my body, if only I had let it.


The science of our bodies and everything that surrounds us is a marvelous combination of scientific miracles that we moving, thinking humans are. From scientists to spiritual believers, everyone agrees that what lies beneath it all is just one thing - Energy.

From my experience Energy manifests in two main ways: mood and health. For example, stress can wreak havoc on your health, while many medical studies have shown that a positive, happy and attentive attitude can diminish and even eradicate all health issues. To put it simply, think negative, feel negative; think positive; feel positive.

A simple change in your attitude may be exactly what you need to improve your health, and most of us look for a really good reason to make a change. Well, how about YOU? I can't see a better reason than that. If you're not sure about any of it - it certainly couldn't hurt to try.

Here are 3 of my favorite tools to use that can change lives and better your health conditions naturally.

1. Mindfulness

While some definitions differ, for me, mindfulness is the art of accepting the miracle of the material body that we are, muscles, ear-genes, and all, the circumstances we live, good AND bad, and the actions we take to live in them. Mindfulness is harnessing it all and using it for our own growth and happiness.

2. Acceptance

Acceptance is not a passive act, nor does it mean giving up control of our lives to “destiny.” It means taking an active role in learning about ourselves, who we are, what our needs are, and how we can fulfill them to make us happy. One small choice at a time.

3. A Light Heart

To me, this means taking everything with a grain of salt, and remembering that the world we live in is temporary. This outlook always makes life's daily stresses more manageable. I can tell you from experience, the more “energetic” weight and stress I drop, the easier life becomes to surf through.


Happiness is neither selfish or individualistic. We all want to fulfill our sense of belonging and purpose within a community of people who make our heart tickle. In many cases, working with and for others is our main source of connection. The path to discovering who we really are and what we love - and thinking about it in a positive manner - is what brings us pure happiness, and can contribute to better health and a longer life overall.

None of this costs a dime - but it is constant work in discipline to live it daily - in our mind, body and soul.



Venezuela | USA | Israel

Loves fresh sunny days, lingering in bed early weekend mornings, and drinking cold fresh coconut water right from the fruit

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