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A Woman's Power Lies in Her Voice

A woman is never appreciated when she raises her voice. Since childhood, we are taught to speak slowly, sweetly. At least in India that is, where women are given endless rules to follow. I feel blessed for growing up in forward-thinking, open-minded family. When I see so many women around me sacrificing themselves for the sake of society, principles, and name, I want to raise my voice and speak up for them. I want to help give them a voice and power in my country.

Even though times have changed and women have more of a prominent place in society, if women don’t speak up, then who can we blame? One woman raising her voice is one of the most inspiring women role models in India.

Sushma Swaraj was the first female spokesperson of a national political party. She became the country’s youngest cabinet minister at the age of 25. She is hard working, determined, goal oriented, and a good communicator. Her position and personality speaks of her talent and capabilities.

Once she provided advice for women who wanted to take on more responsibility in their families and start working. She said women should explain the benefits a working woman brings for the family. Well, I read this advice when I was looking for the job and persuaded my family to let me work following her advice.

Ms. Swaraj said ‘’The key is to speak up right for your rights.’’ I advise you to skillfully speak up for your own needs and demands. That will give pride and power to you and women everywhere.


By: Ashna Chand

Ashna is an aspiring writer, who wishes to make a difference through her writing. She believes that words have the power to connect hearts, to heal people, to strengthen the weak, and to take you to the world of your dreams. She describes herself as an open book: read her work and know her better. Ashna’s work can be found on her WordPress site, her blogspot, Short Fiction Break, LinkedIn, and right here on School of Shine.

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