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An Ode to My Body

They tell you that the key to happiness and freedom is self-love and radical self-acceptance. And while that may be true, what about those dark moments when you feel unable to access that ray of light and love inside you, and you are hanging on by a delicate thread?

What about those moments when you are grabbing on for dear life so that you don’t self-sabotage or do something that you know you will regret? You want so much to show yourself love, but hold your hands up in ‘fuck it’ mode anyway.

Finding one small positive thing during those moments, can really help to snap you out of the negative spiral, and bring you back to yourself. No matter how tiny, try and acknowledge one part of yourself that you love or can appreciate, and you will be surprised how quickly it can unchain those shackles of negativity. Even if the only thing you can access, is acknowledging that you are here, and that you have yourself, that is a huge triumph.

I found a solace in writing poems to my body, to thank it for always being there for me, even on the battle field when I shot bullets at it with my mind, even when I neglected her, and ignored her, when I tortured her. She is my home, she is my best friend. Writing poetry to my body brings me happiness and pleasure, it stops the storm clouds, and brings the sun’s soothing rays to the forefront.

An Ode to My Body

In times of need in my darkest hour,

A unit, an energy, a source of power.

To realizing in this moment that I am enough,

Even when it seems impossible or tough.

Offering kindness and love to fill my gaping hole,

My ally, home, protector of my soul.

You love me when I don't know how,

When I can’t face my fears, or focus on the now.

The path was winding it was dark and long,

I doubted my decisions, my map was wrong.

I couldn't choose a direction, or trust which way to go,

I yearned for your guidance and knowledge to know.

You reached out your hand through the storm and rain,

made me feel safe and soothed my pain.

You are the sun through the clouds, a blanket of protection,

When I can't give it to myself you give me affection.

You are a butterfly morning and a wildflower afternoon,

The twinkling North star, and a radiant full moon.

A cocoon of safety where I can turn the key,

to once and for all unlocking the real me.

I know I am the commander of my own ship,

but when I've hit a rock you give me the tip,

To meandering the stormy seas and sailing to shore,

to leading myself to safety so I am broken no more.

They say it's darkest before the dawn,

A hostile night sky before a clear blue morn.

When I'm at the bottom of the pit and there's no way out,

you're soothing whisper drowns those shouts.

You pass me the water that fizzles the fire,

Your detailed map leads me out of the quagmire.

Through the trenches & minefields, I'll tell you what I've learned,

That out of the rabbit hole hope always returns.

I'll steer my ship no matter how strong the storm,

Fear tried to freeze my heart but it will always be warm.

It tried to sink me to the bottom of the sea,


By: Georgia Barnett

A content writer and life coach from the U.K, living in Tel Aviv. Using her own experience and personal journey as inspiration, she focuses on coaching women who are struggling with eating disorders or negative relationships with their bodies. Her passion is to help women discover their inner power, and to help them learn to love their bodies and themselves.

Find Georgia on Instagram @georgiabarnett1 and @happyhippie_health.

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