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Performing Intention

Earlier this week, I was handing in a dance assignment to my teacher. Some might find it a little strange to have an assignment of creating and performing a movement piece when you're studying for an education degree. But luckily, I relish in being given a safe space to express myself and I enjoy doing so even in mediums that I’m unfamiliar with.

After spending the hour watching each other's performances, our class sat on the floor for a discussion with our movement professor. She posed us this question – what is the common ingredient that makes any performance of any kind memorable to a viewer?

We agreed that it's when the performer or creator is truly in their performance and is embodying their creation completely, that as an audience, you feel the most affected by what you are witnessing.

Our professor remarked that this sentiment can be summed up with one word.


When a creator performs their piece with intention, they give it conviction, depth, and meaning. They take us with them to their state of being and they elicit within us deep emotions, because they are intently feeling those sensations themselves.

Intentions are powerful and I've come to understand that intentionality is not just reserved for performers who want to move the audience with their art.

Intentionality is a tool that can be used by anyone to give more meaning and depth to anything they do.

Whether that's working on a new business model, healing a broken relationship, developing a healthier routine... it's when you act with intention that your action becomes meaningful.

Without an honest intention, your words remain empty. Your actions remain superficial. And the likelihood that people will believe you will be reduced greatly.

If there's anything that you want to say and do – mean it.

Just like an audience to a brilliant performer, people respond to our true intentions, even subconsciously. They know when they're being bluffed and they know when you're being honest and real.

Your intentions give your words and actions so much more depth. It just so happens that it's your true intentions that the universe is always listening to.


By: Ella Capek

Ella is a British-Israeli in her early 20’s studying to eventually become a music therapist. On the side, she writes on her blog Wide-Eyed Wanderer, where she's been sharing her travel experiences for 3 years. Her hope is to continue doing everything that she loves in the realms of music, writing & travel, while also consuming as much green tea and brownies as possible.

Ella is on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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