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Celebrate What You’re Made Of

Before we go ahead and try to fit ourselves into the society, let’s first learn how to fit into ourselves.

A woman’s body becomes a topic of discussion almost everywhere. It’s a topic that everyone devours and a topic that spreads like wildfire. Oftentimes, it even makes us forget that we are the ones who are responsible for how our bodies should be and not the society. But, the discussion doesn’t seem to end because some mouths don’t shut.

We do our best to fit into this culture of ‘perfection’. Without even knowing, we are pulled into the whirlpool of society standards. We now have a fixed way of talking, a fixed way of walking, a particular style of makeup and hair that falls perfectly. And, this has gone a long way. Far enough for us to undo it.

But, it is not a harm if learn how to appreciate who we are becoming. The problem arises when you go beyond your body comfort zone and throw yourself into this pool because you want to be accepted.

Don’t do it. Remember, before everyone else, you must like yourself. You must celebrate who you are. You don’t have to be ashamed of the shape of your body. There is no shame in stretch marks. No shame even if you go on to hide with makeup.

Real shame is in not being able to celebrate yourself because you’re more concerned about the eyes of the world.

So, let’s take a moment and save ourselves from this shame. Today, is a good time to begin our celebration. Celebration of a woman’s body and the beauty that lies in it. Let’s celebrate our colours. Let’s celebrate the size of our hands and the shape of our smiles. After all, there is no bigger celebration than loving ourselves!

*To dos*

1. Before you do something to your body, remember you should do it for yourself. Not others.

2. If something makes you feel better about your body, do it. Put on makeup. Don’t put on makeup. Colour your hair pink. Do whatever brings you comfort and joy!

3. Learn to say no. Do not put yourself in a situation that takes comfort away from you.

4. Understand everyone is born differently and there is no one who is the best in this world.

5. We are all made of different things and it is time we accept and celebrate them!


Shraddha Bansode is a writer from Mumbai, India who survives on tea and poetry. She is an observer on most days and a photographer on the rest. She is always up for a plan that includes breakfast. In addition to poetry, Shraddha loves travel and cats. Visit her at or

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