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A New Morning

Life is an event and needs to be celebrated every day, every moment by each one of us. I celebrate each morning in nature by hugging a tree and enjoying the melodious music of the chirping of the birds, feeling the dampness and the softness of the grass. Witnessing the rising sun and mesmerized by the different shades of the sky.

It seems as if everyone is celebrating this new morning and this life. We are all learning different lessons from each other and enjoying simply being in the moment.

Sun teaches us to shine bright. Trees give a message to accept our surroundings as they are. And each moment tells us that everything is perfect the way it is. The whole atmosphere is full of love and joy. All of us dance together and I feel we share the same feelings. These moments are incomplete without me as I am without their presence.

I want to celebrate every day as my birthday, as if I am born every single day with new thoughts and perspectives and celebrate every moment as a festival. I want to praise the creator for the precious gift of life on earth. I thank him for the food, the water, the air, the sun, the moon, the planets, and the galaxies. I am thankful to him for the love, every emotion of happiness and sadness, and every success and failure.


Sapna Singh is a wife and a mother of a 6 year old boy. She loves yoga, reading spiritual books, and writing what she feels.

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