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32 Wishes for You, Fellow Human

Words matter. They create our thoughts, which create our reality. They make up our conversations, our stories, our ideas and dreams. They mold themselves into our minds, sticking into cracks and crevices which translate our thoughts into action. They can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

As a writer and life ponderer who just celebrated her 32nd anniversary of life on Earth, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want for my next year of life. I'm so proud of my achievements this past year; but my past few weeks have left me feeling stuck, confused and a bit lost.

So I created a list of 32 words, and 32 matching blessings, to infuse into my mind, my heart, my reality, my 32nd year of life, and most importantly - my every day.

What I wish for myself, I certainly wish for you.

May you take what you need and leave what you don’t.

May you share the shine with those you believe would benefit.

May you infuse your days with a vibrant vocabulary and a ton of shine vibes <3

1. Acceptance

May you release the desire or need to control and adapt easily to whatever comes your way, accepting its presence in your life as reality. May you keep it real with yourself and behave with a rational approach to our wild reality.

2. Adventure

May you explore everything and enjoy each thrilling step of your journey always. May you believe in a life that is one big adventure and continue to fill your storybook with tales of wonder, value, awe and love.

3. Boundaries

May you assert respect, and freely declare what you believe is suitable in your own code of living laws. May you feel secure and confident enough to express the boundaries you choose to create in your own life.

4. Commitment

May you dedicate yourself to taking care of your mind, body and soul. As I always say, BYOB - be your own bestie, and claim responsibility for your own choices, attitude, reactions and ultimate happiness. May you release your fear of commitment and instead embrace the okayness of a long-term thought in a short-term world.

5. Compassion

May you lighten yourself up with love, may you treat yourself gently with the utmost kindness and respect. May you treat others the same, without comparison or judgement, simply with acceptance and kindness.

6. Connection

May you be open to exploring your authentic self by challenging your relationship with your mind, body and heart. May you build genuine connection with the heart-filled brothers and sisters which you surround yourself with every day.

7. Courage

May you step forward fearlessly, voice your choice, and display the beauty that comes with the bravery and leadership of paving your own path.

8. Curiosity

May you wonder and ponder about everything, asking questions and seeking knowledge outside of your comfort zone. May you feel confidently comfortable with your curiosity of life.

9. Elevation

May you continue to expand your mind so that she may fulfill your every potential. May you feel open and uplifted with each new lesson life presents to you. May you choose to grow gracefully from every challenge you encounter.

10. Energy

May your heart thrive with warmth and happiness as you beat to your own rhythm of life. May your body feel energized with good vibes and a healthy flow of light.

11. Expression

May you always feel confident to express yourself, your voice, your body, your creativity through words, song, movement, affection, and/or however feels right to you. May you constantly question what it is you might need to release.

12. Flow

May you ride the waves of life with full certainty that if you get knocked off, you will simply get back up again. Or swim into shore because it’s time to tan on the beach instead :)

13. Focus

May you clarify your goals and control the energy you choose to put towards achieving them. May you give yourself the gift of rest and ambition when needed.

14. Intention

May you live each moment with delicious deliberation, and focus your mental energy on everything you want to create.

15. Intuition