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14 Reasons to Fall in Love with Tel Aviv

It’s all for love, and love for all in the magical white city, whether it’s the perfect beach day or little pellets of hail are raining down as you dash to meet friends at a cafe. Here are 14 reasons to love the white city of Tel Aviv. 1. Dog Friendly Zone

It’s rare to find a place in Tel Aviv that will turn down you and your furry friend to enjoy your afternoon coffee. Dogs of all colors, breeds, and sizes roam the city as if it’s their own (and believe me, it is) and they’re always there to provide you with a kiss if you’re feeling down. 2. The Shuk + You


With all of its smells, sights, people, and an endless rainbow of produce, Shuk HaCarmel is one of the seven wonders of the country. Bargaining for your dinner can give anyone a rush, but the taste of the vegetables you can buy are always worth the price. 3. Love for All

There’s nothing like the Pride Parade at the start of summer to remind you that in Tel Aviv you can be who you want to be, and love who you want to love. People come from all over the world to visit the most gay-friendly city in the Middle East during pride week and the rest of the year, and it’s easy to see why. 4. Pour a Cup of Love

There’s nothing like sipping on a toasty cafe hafuch with friends on a Friday afternoon. Enjoy your coffee (with soya, almond milk, or even good ol’ regular milk if you wish) at the cafes that are as unique and frequent as the people of Tel Aviv. 5. Summer (almost) Year Round

While it may be March, let’s keep in mind that this city was built for a summer climate and lifestyle. Beachgoers can play matkot until they’re ready to sit and take in the beautiful sunsets that grace the Mediterranean. 6. International Love

It’s not unusual to sit next to a group of people who are from countries all over the world, and speaking -most likely with a heavy accent- Hebrew. Americans, British, French, Italians, and so many more are happy to call this city their home and even happier to meet new friends. Yes, even some from Israel! 7. Ancient Land

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city, includes beautiful Yafo. Whether it’s a stroll through the old city, or eating hummus, Yafo reminds you that you are in fact in a city that is full of history (and yes, the best hummus). 8. Party Never Stops

There’s no shortage of things to do at night in Tel Aviv. Most people don’t go out until after midnight and play until 4 am. Whether you’re looking for a small show at Cafe Bialik or ready to dance all night with a huge DJ at the Block, Tel Aviv has night life for everyone. 9. Just Your Size

Tel Aviv is the perfect city to trek through on just about any day of the year. Walking through the beautiful boulevard, biking on the boardwalk, and even rollerblading with fifty others are all ways to see the whole city in just a few hours. 10. Divine Smells

It’s hard to walk through the city without smelling something amazing being cooked. From the bakeries, to the Yemenite quarter, someone’s apartment before Friday night, and of course walking along the tayelet are all bound to bring you incredible aromas (no not Aroma Cafe) of something delicious or the salty sea in the air. 11. Start Me Up