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How can we shine on you today?

HOW DO YOU want to connect?


What you want? Baby we got it. Need a dose of creativity or a new set of eyes to innovate and inspire a fresh approach? Looking for some peace of mind, practical tools or positive guidance to support your next step forward? We can give, guide and recommend all kinds resources to help you on your way, wherever it may be, 


Whether you’re in need of creative ways spread awareness, raise money, or team build, or simply want to connect with the giving generation, we're here to help. From producing events to marketing materials, and all in between, we believe in connecting communities in cool and creative ways.


Welcome to our corporate corner, where passion meets profession for a customized way to connect your team. Invest in your team's wellbeing to boost company morale, increase productivity and creativity,  as well as help them live happier, healthier on the daily.


Guidance &


Gain a  new and unique perspective towards creating a better life for yourself. With our simple and strategic approach, we can help you get to where you want to be – even if you’re not sure where that is yet.

Events & 

Inspiration Stations

Whether an intimate gathering or citywide fundraisers, make your personal or professional event shine. Tap into the giving generation and offer up an urban experience with a shiny twist.











Workshops &



Bringing our value-based interactive approach to the table, we educate and enlighten groups to live life better everyday


'9 to Happy'

Business Packages


Offering a slew of enrichment opportunities to improve your overall business, we handcraft workshops to outings to daily surprises, We aim to make your entire team happier and healthier while making your 

business the best it can be.


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Why Choose Us?


By creating an innovative value-based approach, we've discovered how to connect people and communities in a fresh and unique way. 


We utilize proven, fact-based techniques to create the end result you want. Whether you realize it or not, you will experience a positive transformation. 


We have experience with people and groups of all kinds - all ages, backgrounds and industries - for all kinds of amazing reasons. 

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