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We're like the 'big sister' everyone needs when they move to Israel.

Our vision is to foster an inspired community of women who are living active, spirited and

meaningful lives in Israel. By connecting, supporting and empowering each other as women, we will create positive social change and a stronger sense of belonging in our new home.  


Shine Sisters is a community project offering international women who move to Israel the opportunity to connect with a “big sister.”


Our aim is to provide immediate support and guidance for women by women. We empower Shine Sisters to connect with the best of Israel early on in their experience - resulting in a smoother Israeli integration, access to a warm and supportive local community, resources, events, opportunities, exclusive offers and more. 


 The basics we ask of you before signing up to be a Shine Sister. 

We match women who've been in Israel for 3+ years, our 'Big Sisters,' 

with women who are new or feel disconnected in Israel, our 'Little Sisters.'

Each sister shall commit to 6 months of official 'sisterhood.'

Each sister agrees to one face to face meetup per month, and at least 2 phone check-ins.

Each Big Sister agrees to join us for one 3-hour mandatory mentorship session.

It's all free. We just want to connect good women with good vibes.