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Please read the following carefully, as there are a few guidelines

and requirements that we ask each sister to kindly follow.




Shine Sisters is a community project providing women who move to Israel with a “big sister,” offering them the opportunity to connect,  support and feel warmly welcome in their new home country.  On the flip side, it is also pairing women who have lived in Israel for a certain length of time with a “little sister” and enables them to offer support, guidance and mentorship to another woman on her new Israel journey.


We are looking for kind humans who…

  • Want to grow, connect and deepen bonds with other women.

  • Can acknowledge that giving and receiving support is a fabulous feeling.

  • Don’t shy away so easily from a challenge -- having a sister can be tough sometimes!

  • Practice patience and compassion. You’re both learning about a new person.

  • Take responsibility for themselves - we are here to guide one another, not be someone’s personal assistants.

  • Understand that like everything in life, what you choose to put into this program is exactly what you will get out of it.

  • Feel pumped when thinking about their contribution to creating long-term social change for the international community in Israel.



To be a Shine Sister, there are a few musts…


  • Commit to the 6-month session

  • Must be living in Israel for the duration of the program

  • Agree to meet face to face once a month

  • Check in on each other at least twice a month


For Big Sisters:

  • Have the desire to connect, motivate, empower, uplift and support the personal growth of an Olah who has recently moved to Israel.

  • Be an Olah Chadasha/Toshav Chozer/Permanent Residents who has lived in Israel for at least 3 years and feels stable and secure living in Israel.

  • Be able to participate in one 3-hour mentorship session in order to receive the necessary tools to support your little sister the best you can.

  • Pick up the phone and call your little sister at least twice a month.

For Little Sisters:

  • Anyone can be a little sister, as long as they are seeking guidance in their desire to build a life in Israel and learn from the women who already have some experience doing so.

  • You should be open to guidance, connection, support and hoping to feel more rooted in Israel. Your big sister isn’t your mom or your madricha. She wants to support you in living and developing as a woman in Israel and living your best life.


Check out our FAQ or reach out to us here

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