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our philosophy 

Women naturally tend to over think just about everything,

so our modern philosophy is SUPER SIMPLE. 


Every breathe we take is a new opportunity

to choose how we want to live our lives -

to love, to laugh, to learn, to shine.



We love love; Yes this is true.

The first step in love - is loving you.


We know it’s hard, thanks to society -

But I’ll believe in you, if you in me.


If we don’t find love within our self,

Our heart may as well sit on the top shelf.


With so many different ways to love,

It doesn’t just happen from up above.


We must learn and grow and teach the way.

We must love our self every single day.


To create a world where love beats hate,

We must start now, no time to wait.



Whoever said this has got the win,

Because laughter IS the best medicine.


From the LOL to the cheeks in pain -

Just a little laugh is so much to gain.


As we grow older we laugh much less,

Thanks to responsibility and daily stress.


We must let things happen as they do -

And be able to laugh the whole way through.


Being silly is the key to life -

To find reasons to smile through daily strife.


So make time everyday for genuine laughter -

You’ll be thankful you did, forever and after.


Learning is the best thing ever.

With so much to know, its cool to be clever.


Learning doesn’t stop with age -

We learn every day, at every stage.


We must to grow into who we want to be - 

To develop our minds and set our souls free.


Knowing our values is the crucial lesson,

It’s most important to our expression.


They help improve our mind, body, and soul- 

To strengthen each is our ultimate goal.


Now is the time to open your mind...

And look at the bright side of our 'daily grind.'




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