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Welcome H O M E! No matter how long you’ve been here, life is better with a sister - soooo, here we are! 



We’re like the big sister everyone needs when they move to Israel. We got your back unconditionally and we dish out tough love when needed. We’ve been there and done that. We’ve cried on street corners, at banks, on buses. We’ve dated, and dumped, all the Tinder matches :)  

We are here to be an immediate support system for you, a little piece of positive, practical guidance to remind you that even on the rough days, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We share a deep desire to create a new home in Israel. Home means family, belonging and love. Welcome home sister :) 


In the past, we matched Big Sisters, volunteers who have been in Israel over 3+ years, with Little Sisters, women who want to better connect and create a home in Israel. For various reasons, we are switching things up a bit and focusing on building a wider, stronger Shine sisterhood. Because let’s be honest. Big sister or Little sister - we can ALL learn from each other. If you want to be matched one on one, we are considering hosting a Sister to Sister “speed dating” event, so stay tuned.  

That said, if you're craving a Big or Little Sister 1 on 1, make sure to let us know so we can keep you on the list!


We are a growing network of women who move to Israel from all over the world and share one thing in common - we want to feel at home in our country, our bodies, our minds. 

Our community is filled with stunning women who excel in all industries, from hi tech to health, teachers to students, coaches to creatives, mothers to daughters, from 18 to 88.

Each of our sisters is empowered to create her dreams with the support of our sisterhood. Sisters have led events such as mindfulness workshops, art therapy workshops, beach picnics, Shabbat dinners, happy hours, Shine Salons, and more! 

Through the shine and the shit, we’ll be here to support your growth, your process, your landing. 


We are created with love by School of Shine, a warm community and positive resource for brave and curious souls who dare to live a bright life. We host all kinds of exploratory experiences and online programs to support better understanding of self, connect with your intuition, and free your voice.

Learn more and come shine with us at




We face our fears courageously and know we will always come out stronger on the other side. 



We are always ready to learn new things and follow what fuels our passions. 



We embrace each of our layers, share honestly, and act like our truest selves. 

Yuzma*  יוזמה

We take initiative* to create the world we want for ourselves. We claim our power and actively participate in designing the life we want. We lead by example and take personal responsibility for ourselves and our experience. 


This community exists for you and because of You. In order to maintain a supportive community, we ask that all sisters follow our guidelines, outlined below.

Be Kind.  This is an inclusive space for all kinds of women who want to build a home in Israel. Every one of us belongs here. We treat ourselves and each other with kindness. We act with compassion, accept one another, act respectfully, and honor each sister wherever she may be on her journey. 

Be Connected. Our group is online, but our goal is to meet face to face and create true connection. Share your events, initiate meetups, and make efforts to see each other. The more you give, the more you gain. 

Be a Resource. Share your wisdom and city secrets. Give advice and get advice. Ask for help from someone and answer to help someone. Inspire and be inspired. Share your shine.


Go Out of Your Way. Friendship is easy when life is easy. Sisterhood is about going out of your way to support someone when life gets hard. 


Build Conscious Community. Sisterhood is power. We lift each other up, and acknowledge that we are stronger together. We are leaders in our own lives, as well as taking action to create a better Israel and a better world. 




Welcome to our safe space to sister. For all the more personal matters where you’re not sure to go, who to ask, what to do - it belongs here. Please note: we are not Secret Tel Aviv or Belle Aviv. Please do not copy/paste posts that are not relevant to our community.

Use the hashtags below depending on what you want to post!


If you want to invite, gather and rally sisters to join you, whether you want a partner in shine for a cool event, could use company at the beach, or want to host a Shabbat dinner, give us a #yalla!  


If you have a question about anything at all, from how the system works, to where the best date spots are, if anyone else has chin hairs, to how to say NO to Israeli, #ask it here. It’s the beauty of sisterhood.  


Some days are rougher than others. Feel free to use this space to #vent out some of the roughness that we encounter daily in this beautiful beast of a country.


If you just want to share something that made you smile, made you excited, or something that you’re super proud of and want to share with someone, #shine it on us!!


Got an inside scoop that we could all benefit from? A specific time to hit Misrad Hapnim, a secret nail artist we need, an empowering podcast to listen to? Send us a #tip!


If you are leading something cool or have something to offer our community, please use this to start your post. 


Want to take a moment of gratitude and thank a sister for brightening up your day or life? Tag her with a #toda and brighten her day back. 


It can be hard to ask for help. But if you need something, this is the space to ask it, and we’ll do our bestest to #helpasisterout. This means if you’re lying sick in bed, and need a superpharm pickup, if you have a scary doc appt you don’t want to go alone, if you need advice on how to deal with a work sitch - we right here sister <3 


P. S. If you feel like you are dealing with bigger issues and need additional support, we can connect you with professionals and/or a Big Sister to talk to. (Email us or for urgent matters, reach out to Zo 054 615 4315) 


Add yourself to our Private Shine Sister Directory.

Like School of Shine on FB and check out our Instagram. (@schoolofshine)

Join the SOS mailing list for love notes plus exclusive invites + opportunities.  



To ensure our community keeps going, we invite you to give back, so that we can keep giving. 

We suggest a one-time donation of 99 NIS, though any amount is welcome. Since our community is made of 100% volunteers, all funds go towards supporting community events, projects, treats, love and shine for all of us. If you’re able to donate, please Paypal to Thank you. 

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