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Every day we have a choice. We can choose to focus on the bullshit,

or we can choose to focus on the good shit. What do you choose?

Join as we choose to live life on the bright side. 

> I choose to act with love, and to approach life with curiosity, 

so that I may grow and expand with the lessons I am meant to learn. 


> I choose to live by the values that are important to me,

so that I may lead a life full of alignment, purpose and potential.

> I choose to focus on strengthening my mind, body & heart,

so that I may fully develop into the woman I know I am.  

> I choose to support & uplift the women around me,

so that we may encourage and empower each other to live our dreams.

> I choose to shine so that I may create a better world

for myself, my children and my community.

MAKE the choice

it starts with you

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