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women who write

[or have always wanted to]

School of Shine is a wellness resource and community connecting spirited, inspired and intellectual women worldwide.

We are guided by practices and theories known to increase self awareness, self appreciation and inspire positive action.


We believe in expression, movement and creativity as channels to release, refine and reconnect with our truest sense of self.


When we share our stories, our words, our ideas, we share our lessons too.


When we share our wisdom, we inspire women to tune in to their own.


If one story inspires one woman to act towards her dream, our work is worthy.

Each month, you receive a topic, or theme of the month, which will act as a prompt for your pieces, a starting point for your inspiration. 

Submit your pieces as specified below. We ask one thing: that they include a final question or action item to inspire our readers daily. 



You will receive the link once it's uploaded on School of Shine. Many articles are shared in our newsletter and on our social channels. 

Express your words

of wisdom and

be heard.

Get personal feedback

and editing, plus

exclusive opportunities.

Sharing your stories

inspires others 

to do the same.

Gain exposure to 

women worldwide,

waiting for your words.

good things to know

what to submit

Monthly themes are for YOUR INSPIRATION. Share a personal story that inspired you 
to learn a lesson about theme of the month.

Our only ask? Include an action item, a final question, or a practical way for our readers to explore or implement your lesson in their own lives.  

how to submit

  • 250-800 words

  • Deadline will be specified each month

  • Reply directly to the monthly email with your article as a word doc (not PDF) as an attachment

  • Name your file as: LastName_FirstName_June_2018

  • Title your work at the top of the article

  • If you want to include images, please attach original photos to the email (no stock imagery or Google images). *Photos may or may not be used.

Know you want in? Make sure to fill in this form to gain access to our monthly inspirational mailers.

Disclaimer: Submitted content is exclusive to School of Shine. If you'd like to repost on your blog, please include the first few lines and then link to the School of Shine post.

one more note

This project is for you and only you. We aren't going to push you, force you, blame you or shame you if you don't submit one month. And we hope you don't do those things to yourself either.


However, if we see you don't submit within 3 months, we will remove you from our mailing list - because at the end of the day, we're looking for the women who are willing, daring, and dedicated to sharing their voices with the world. 

WRITE         WITH


Want in? Share your details and we'll happily include you in our next monthly mail delivery.

By doing so, you gain access to:

monthly inspirational themes + deadlines

personal article editing + feedback

exclusive discounts to writing workshops, retreats + other opportunities

a supportive community of women who write

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