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Opening Up the Creative Flow

When does your mind feel the most free? When are you able to just let go and know that you have the ability to make life happen, whether with a pen, a paintbrush, a piano? I’ve never been more focused and free as when I’m running.

Running, especially in the morning, helps me to focus on my day ahead. But once I’ve organized my day, my thoughts turn to words. These words help stories unfold. From these stories I am able to sit down and write. I use my running to open up my creativity.

The ability to watch the sun rise on the horizon, to know a new day is starting gives me the energy to focus. Focus is vital to creative energy. But when you have this sense of focus, the colors around you become more exquisite. The birds a bit louder. The wind a bit clearer to hear. All of these point to the magic that is in the world around us, and it all leads to the magic that is in each one of us.

I’m not saying running is for everyone but I am saying that everyone has a way of getting their creativity flowing. It may be through meditation, yoga, cooking, or even taking a shower (come on, we all know some of the greatest songs were written and rehearsed in the shower).

So where does your flow come from? Does it start with the sunrise? Does it start with seeing a waterfall in your mind? The next time you’re feeling creative, make a note of what inspired it. Start a list and see what comes up consistently with your best work. Then use that to help your creative juices start flowing.


Liz Tracy is a single parent, teacher, writer, and runner. She loves the beach, reading, and cooking. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and online at: and

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