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POEM: An Ode to Fruits & Vegetables

Arent' they amazing? This abundant variety of tasty nutrients, grown from the elements of Mama Earth with simple loving, care and dedication. Thanks to the humans who dedicate their lives to providing homegrown greens so that we may feel nourished every day. Grown and picked by human hands, fruits and vegetables are a delicious blessing we should consciously and delectably enjoy (at least 3x a day).

Especially in Israel, the produce makes your taste buds thrive. Like a Willy Wonka gone vegan, the cucumbers taste like cucumbers! Being a meat & potatoes kinda girl, I NEVER thought I'd struggle to choose a salad. Too much lettuce - ick. BUT sitting in any Tel Aviv cafe, I can safely say my mouth waters for the nourishment each lil piece of flora provides.

Unless you've tasted an Israeli cucumber, you simply won't understand, so if you love yourself some produce, make it a point to visit Israel for a taste :)

My pure love and appreciation for F & V could no longer stay inside - and with that said, here is...

An Ode to Fruits & Vegetables

Fresh, ripe, crunchy, and tasty, no doubt.

Sundried or seedless, with peels or without.

Seasonal. Pitted. To go in salad or pie,

The best types of flavors, I promise no lie!

Cucumbers, onions, fried or purple perhaps,

Zucchini, baby corn, and sweet green pea snaps,

Strawberries, blueberries, any 'erry will do –

(especially with some melted chocolate to dip into)

And the star of the show with a question to boot,

IS the tomato a veg or a fruit?

It has a peel and even seeds,

But lets be real, it lives the life of a veggie indeed.

Now that we’ve got that bit out of the way,

F&V keeps you healthy, so eat plenty a day.

One more thing to remember - potatoes don’t count…

Their nutritional value just doesn’t amount…

So eat all your greens, reds, yellows, and such –

Once you get started, you’ll love it so much.

Not only love, you'll feel healthier too,

Do whatever it takes to get some inside you!

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