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A Poem // I'm Not Available All The Time

It's not that I don't like you It's not that I don't care Just sometimes when there's too much life I can't always be there

I'm not available all the time There's too much life to live Even though I always hear the chime I just can't always give

You assume I’m on the other side

But actually I need to hide

I spend so much time on my phone I rarely get to be alone

It won't let me complete a thought My wrists and fingers feel so distraught Not to mention my brain and heart and soul Releasing my phone is a big time goal But what if I miss a crucial call What if there's a sale on at the local mall? What if I have to think about myself? And how I constantly neglect my health? By picking up every time it rings By feeling important with each little ping By sleeping with it curled up at night Life without it causes me deep fright

I need my phone - it's part of me! Though it didn't exist in '93 And that year we all did effin fine And the next one too, it was quite divine We set up dates and were on time We listened to each other; it was sublime We looked at each other when we spoke out loud We weren’t so caught up in The Cloud

And now the Techlightenment is right here They sucked us in, we got the fear That more and more and more we need? It's the result of society's power and greed.

An iPhone 6, but you have a 5? Are you telling me my phone's a dive? It works just fine - I can do it all Order anything or make a call Let my phone control what it is I do? I'm a grown up now - I have a clue I'm not available all the time I live my life based on my mind I can choose to put it down sometimes When the days been long and I spit my rhymes When I feel like I haven't stopped in years When my phone is the one who shares my fears

And so the next time you hear that ping

Before you jump to catch that ring

Remember you’re the one in charge

So free yourself and just recharge

I'm not available all the time

So let me live - I'm in my prime!

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