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3 Ways to Save Money...and the World

Today, we celebrate Mother Earth, and all of the glorious beauty we are surrounded by on a daily basis. If you live on Earth and have not yet heard of this day, it’s when people round the world gather to show support for the environment - by organzing cleanups, planting stuff, and other things Mama Nature would give us a gold star.

Earth Day celebrations happen every year in April and while we heavily support the celebration of…anything really, we’ve listed a few things you can do every day to make a healthy impact on our ONLY planet. It might not seem like much, but these small things can help save the world, AND your wallet.

1. Turn off the lights

We get it from our mama. Yup, we were brought up so that when we leave a room, we turn off the lights. Some people have not been raised this way, and wander in and out of rooms turning things on like it's their mission.

They say we spend a third of our life sleeping. Well, WE have spent at least as much time walking around apartments flipping off the lights. It’s like we can feel the unnecessary electricity running through our veins, and more so, our bank account.

Yes, we know - turning things off is certainly not as fun as turning them on. But just do it. Your electricity bill, your mom, and the environment will thank you later.

2. No Running...Water

Sure, people hear this by the pool, in school hallways, and definitely at the FastWalking Olympics, but in this case, we’re talking about No Running Water!

Brushing your teeth? Doing the dishes? Rinsing something? Don’t leave your water running. Be mindful of your stream. Stopping the flow can save your cash flow, and can help the environment too.

3. Unplug it in...

Did you know that every used outlet in your house has electrical currents running through it all the time? This means that whether your cell phone is charging or not, keeping the plug in the wall means your electric bills are going up and your bank account is going down.

We don’t expect you to unplug everything in the house, but if you have a heavy loaded outlet that doesn’t need to be lit, or are going away for the weekend, unplug or flip the switch off. It’s easy to forget, but it’s a powerful thing to remember.

In conclusion, become aware of Mama Nat, take action and start doing these 3 things NOW to be the change you want to see - and make a positive on our world, and of course, your wallet :)

What do you think? How will you celebrate Earth Day? Tell us in the comments!

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