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Why Leadership is Necessary for Living a Happy Life

What do you associate with the word leadership? I asked myself this question when I first saw the School of Shine’s value of the month. I immediately connected leadership to controlling and leading a group of people, leading others. When I continued to think about the word leadership I realized that it applies to us, our self, just as much as it does to a director of a group of people.

Each and every single one of us is the leader of our own life and well-being. It is upon us to claim the leadership and take our well-being and happiness into our own hands. Taking that role upon us requires strength, will-power, and determination. It is not easy to be a leader, but it is rewarding and worth the effort.

The Importance of Looking Inside

Being the leader of your own well- being brings you back to the roots. Taking upon that role takes us back to our nature. The difficulty lies in the way many of us live. We have allowed other people’s opinions, material things, and external factors to overshadow our ability to be the leader of our own well- being.

Instead of listening to what our real and true self needs, wants, and believes in, we listen to what we think ‘the others’ would like and love. Instead of looking at those external evaluations we should look inside of us and be clear about our own values, needs, beliefs, goals, and dreams.

Doing so builds up an inner strength, stability, and clarity, which are exactly the qualities a successful leader needs. Once you build up on your inner strength and stability, you are able to handle life’s challenges and grow from each and every single one. Not only will you be able to handle challenges and be okay with it, but you will be able to take your life to the next level, towards happiness an true fulfillment. With love, Sarah

Sarah is the owner of Flux, a center in Tel Aviv providing holistic lifestyle services integrating mind & body through positive psychology, nutrition, and yoga.

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