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Let's play a game...

Practice being courageous for the next 30 days.


Ready to explore, know and grow yourself?

While we’re renovating our inner hallways and preparing something fresh and shiny for you, join us for a global game of goodness, Truth or Shine.


Receive a thought-provoking question (truth) or a delightfully brave action (shine) twice a week for a month.


Explore your comfort zone in a fun, free, meaningful way.


We start on Monday, March 13.  Sign up by March 12 to play! 

Join Truth or Shine, a community game
inspiring curiosity, courage + connection.


I want to play Truth or Shine together! Let's do this. 
                             Yes, it's all free. Last day to sign up is March 12.

Yesss! Thanks for joining us and so excited to have you :) Check your inbox on March 12 for details.

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